Barnhill’s – The Little Store on Burke Street

For Immediate Release

Telephone: 336-602-1383

Fax: 336-602-1384

Address: 811 Burke Street, Winston-Salem, NC, 27101





Barnhill’s, the little bookstore on Burke Street, is finally open for business!

The bookshelves hold new books from the Best Sellers list right next to independent and local authors and publishers. Xelene jewelry and gift items grace the shelves and walls. The aroma of Casanova’s coffee wafts on the air and the sight of Casanova’s Fudge makes the mouth water. Angelina’s Teas are prepackaged and ready to take home for a soothing moment of relaxation. Beautiful paintings from local artists brighten up the walls over the bookcases. Everything is in place except for the wine, which should be stocked in the next couple of days. As the wine becomes available, Barnhill’s will be scheduling wine tastings featuring a winery each week. The scheduled winery for April 4th through April 10th will be Germanton.

On April 10th at 4:00, Bolt from the Dash is visiting the store and author J. Conrad Guest will be speaking and signing copies of his novel, “Backstop: A Baseball Love Story in Nine Innings”.

On April 23rd, author Lucy Balch will be speaking and signing copies of her romance novel, “Love Trumps Logic”.

On April 30th, author J. Busskohl will be speaking and signing copies of the novel “One Too Many Blows to the Head”, which she co-wrote with Eric Beetner.

Watch the website and the blog for more upcoming events. The friendly, knowledgeable staff waited anxiously for opening day so stop by and say hi!



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4 responses to “Barnhill’s – The Little Store on Burke Street

  1. Free coffee?!?! Can I get free ‘Bailey’s’ in it too?
    Congratulations! This is so exciting, huh?

  2. Kathylyn Barnhill

    I stopped by last month but you weren’t open yet, thought it would be cool if I was the first customer as my name is Kathylyn BARNHILL:)

    • Hi Kathylyn! I met a wonderful family this weekend who’s name was Barnhill, and a couple today who were Barnhill’s. It’s neat. Barnhill is a family name of our founder 🙂

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