What a week I’ve had!!!

Ever had one of those weeks?  Well I had one last week.  On Friday, I accidently (does anyone ever do it on purpose?) downloaded a Trojan virus that KILLED my computer.  I was scheduled to have my 1st weekend off in months & look what I did!  Well, thanks to the computer guru down the street, I was able to get back up and running by late Friday evening – however none of my printers worked and I had my POS system just barely working.

Well, Stacy my ever present helper and in store miracle worker was able to get everything running smoothly again on Saturday.  The weather however sucked big time and no one wanted to be out in the weather so unfortunatley it didn’t make that much difference.

This morning I came in re-install my regular QB accounting system and after 2 verrrry lonnnng calls to Tech Support – who didn’t have anyone who could speak Enlgish with an accent I could understand – I was able to get it working again.  (I really don’t like that new tv show Outsourced – it hits to close to home!). 

Anyways on to the good news.  Our 1st Anniversary Celebration is officially underway!!!!!  Yeah – we made it a whole year.  Thanks to you our wonderful customers!!!!!  Please stop by and sale hello.  We are giving away @ 16 tastings for 2 to several vineyards, Dash tickets, a week at Creative Palooza Childcare, free fudge samples and a GiftWithPurchase for every sale!!!!!  AND when the vineyards are in the store, we will be offering 10% off their wines while they are here.  So we have the anniversary and you get the gifts – what could be better?????????

See ya soon!!!!



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2 responses to “What a week I’ve had!!!

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  2. Congratulations on your first year! May there be many more!

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