This week at Barnhills!!!!!

5th Cameron Kent
6th Pumpkin Painting with Ginnie
6pm Mindful Eating Book Club
7th T.D. Johnston
8th Scott Roche
Children’s reading 11 am
Horror reading 5:30 pm
14th Open Reading
/Jessie  Carty
15th Susan Surman
Mary Lambeth Moore
20th Michael Renegar and Amy

21st Mary Ruth Dobbins
22nd Cotton Ketchie
22nd Claude Limoges
25th E Reid Gilbert
26th Julia Ebel
28th Tim Bullard
30th Thomas D Perry 5:30-7:30

Historian Thomas D. “Tom” Perry
was born in Mount Airy and grew
up in Ararat, VA, just up the road
from where Civil War General J.E.
B. Stuart lived. Perry writes on
Patrick, Henry and Surry Counties
in VA and NC. He is the author of
a dozen books on local history and

Oct 1st 11am
Deborah Williams Rodenhizer
March 1, 2004, was a beautiful day.
Blue skies and white fluffy clouds
promised that spring was just around
the corner. It was an ordinary day.
There was no sign that I would
remember this day as the worst day of
my life. On this tragic day, Deborah’s
firstborn son, Christopher, committed
suicide. Joy in the Mourning is the
encouraging story of how this mother
dealt with the initial shock, the following
guilt, and the eventual peace she felt
upon accepting
her child’s death.
Kala Ambrose Oct 1st 2-5
Explore haunted lighthouses, forts,
and shipwrecked areas of East
Carolina where Blackbeard and
his pirates still roam as you join
author and paranormal researcher
Kala Ambrose in Ghost Hunting
North Carolina. Journey across the
state and visit the most actively
haunted capitol in the US, and
continue west into the Blue Ridge
Mountains where the pink lady and
her friends await your presence.
Maps and travel information are
provided to every haunted location
for those brave enough to make
the journey in person and for the
paranormal researchers who are
interested in exploring North
Oct 1st 3-6 Surry Oak Winery

A must-taste newcomer to selling his
wines. Two Chambourcins, one
Merlot, a dry Niagara(very rare and
good) and a combination
Merlot/Chambourcin  named Well Red
(we love the play on words for us)

Sign up now for Wine classes
beginning Oct 5th.
Pumpkin Painting is fun for all
ages, come watch Ginnie
Conaway create.
The Mindful Eating book club is still
taking participants see the website for
more information on all these events.


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