New Year’s Resolutions

Are you going to make a New Year’s Resolution this year?  I usually don’t (because I can never keep them), but this year I am going to make 2.

The first one is personal in that I am going to try to be more healthy (active) this year.  Not necessarily to lose weight, but to be more healthy.  That means exercising a little more (alright then – start exercising) and try eating a little less at each meal and making better decisions about what to eat.

The second one is for the business.  I am going to try to post at least 2 blogs a week about all the interesting, new & exciting things that are happening at Barnhills.  I will talk about upcoming events, new book or art arrivals or just whatever comes to mind.  Please bear with me – because writing is not my forte, but I will do my best.

Hope that you have a wonderful, healthy and prosperous new year.



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