Krista Peele will be at Barnhill’s this Saturday!!!!!

We’re just like any other kids. Our talents are just a bit…extreme.
Rox, a scrappy fourteen-year-old, is just trying to survive. Living in an orphanage full of ‘gifted’ students isn’t easy. But when strange things begin to happen around Yangsly Academy, surviving becomes an even bigger challenge. Why are kids being sent away from the school at random? Could she be next? What is different about Yangsly Academy? Never one to sit on her hands, Rox gathers a gang of misfits to do some midnight sleuthing. Turning up more questions than answers, Rox’s investigation also results in a friend’s transfer to the mysterious other school. She and her quirky companions set out to find him, launching on a wild odyssey they’ll never forget. Little do they know that at the end of their path they’ll find something much larger and more nefarious than they ever dare imagine.

The Rox Chronicle is for fantasy and adventure lovers alike. Rox and her gifted companions get in scrape after scrape, overcoming through pure stubbornness and more than a little orneriness.


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