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This week at Barnhills

Last week was awesome!!!  On Sunday, May 1st, Jim Minick was here reading from and signing copies of his book, The Blueberry Years.  On Thursday, Mary Noble Jones was here again for storytime.  Saturday, Valerie Nieman was here reading from and signing copies of her latest novel, Blood Clay.  Also on Saturday, Surry Oak Vineyards was offering FREE tastings of their wonderful wines.  We now have all their wines open for tasting!!  🙂

This coming week will be just as fabulous!!!  On Thursday, the wonderful local poet, Terri Kirby Erickson will be here reading from and signing copies of her latest book, In the Palms of Angels.

On Friday, we will have storytime with Laura Alston, author of My Pet Rocky Renee.

 On Saturday, author/lawyer Sean Keefer will be here reading from and signing copies of his book, The Trust.  Blending elements of traditional southern literary fiction, suspense and mystery, you won’t be satisfied until the final page is turned.

Then on Sunday, Carolyn Peterson will be here reading from and signing copies of her book, Fishing For Memories.  This is an awesome tribute to her uncle who had Alzheimer’s and also a wonderful story for both children and adults.

Another busy week at Barnhills – have you visited our store yet?  If not what are you waiting for?  We have something for everyone in the family – a great children’s section, wonderful books, awesome gifts and art, and of course some fabulous North Carolina wines. FREE wine tastings daily.   Come visit us today!


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Just Arrived: Travel Pillows for Kids (of all ages)

Just arrived at Barnhills, travel pillows for kids.  These pillows are great for kids (of all ages) for traveling to cover that seat belt and make sleeping easier.  They come in a variety of patterns – sure to please even the pickiest of children.

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Do you remember the Thunderbird Action series from when you were a child?

The Gerry Anderson Production  of the Thunderbirds series by Joan Marie Verda  makes great reading for that young son or daughter who dreams of action and adventure or of becoming an astronaut.

The Thunderbird series:  Countdown to Action, Action Alert and Deadly Danger would make a great Christmas presents!  All 3 books are now available at Barnhills in Winston-Salem. We also have gift wrapping and Christmas cards available.

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Decorating Divas of Barnhills.

The decorating divas of Barnhills have been at it again.  We have moved almost EVERYTHING in the store.  Come see what we have done because it may not stay that way for long.  We are after all The Decorating Divas of Barnhills.

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Permit is a Four-Letter Word!

Something I learned very quickly on the road to entrepreneurship is that just about the time you’ve put all of the pieces into place, you find out there was a permit for piece placing and now you have to start all over.

Permits? We don’ need no stinkin’ permits!!

Okay, we do, but why does it have to be such a long road? The building inspector was at the store this morning when I arrived at 8:45. The ramp isn’t done yet and we need to have a welder out to finish the metal hand rails. It was a damp day in the beautiful South and no welder in their right mind would think of throwing out an arc in that weather. So, no approval means no permit means we can’t open yet.


Thankfully, the ad that promised we would be open started running on tv today. The ultimate joke’s on me! So, we’re shooting for Wednesday, March 31 as our opening date.

Otherwise, I will be such an April Fool.

But, the store is beautiful and ready to go. At least everything except the wines which we can’t stock until we get our permit. Which we can’t have until after the building permit. Which we can’t have until after the ramp is finished.

So how is May looking? You guys busy then? Maybe I can have the doors open by then.

Until then, browse through the rooms electronically.

The Front of the Store

The Best Sellers Room

The Children’s Room

The Stacks

The Kitchen

The Best Cellars

Back of the Store

Come visit me on Wednesday. I hope.


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The Best Cellars

November, 2009




The forlorn wine room. Waiting for lovely bottles to fill it.

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The Kitchen

2/25/10 The kitchen is just ugly. The floor is bad and it needs a make over!

3/29/10 Now it is SO pretty with it’s new floor and it smells of Casanova’s fudge and coffee. Yum. Come have a cup with me.

We’re going to have Angelina’s teas in there too!


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