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Decorating Divas of Barnhills.

The decorating divas of Barnhills have been at it again.  We have moved almost EVERYTHING in the store.  Come see what we have done because it may not stay that way for long.  We are after all The Decorating Divas of Barnhills.


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Things are Ramping up!


Right after I got to work this morning, a pretty green truck showed up in front of the store:

See my deck sitting on the back of the truck? Pretty cool, right? It would be even cooler if it was attached to the back of my building!

I could kind of hear some laughing and discussion coming from the back of the building where the crew was ready for the lumber delivery.

Pretty soon, two guys came forward with a tape measure and measured the alley between our building and the building across the alley.

I just laughed.

So did they.

But that’s okay because the big truck came with it’s own little sidekick strapped to the back. As long as the lumber would fit through the alley, we were in business.

I want a couple of those to race up and down the streets with. That little thing really moves.

When the crew went to lunch, I opened the back door and took a picture of what will soon be the ramp to the back door. Doesn’t look like much yet, does it?

I didn’t think so either so I went outside and walked around the building to get a better idea of what it would look like. Can you kinda see the ramp forming?

After work, I actually stepped out the back door…

Onto a deck! And down the ramp to take these pictures!


I have a couple thousand books being delivered tomorrow. Way to go guys! I knew you didn’t really want to carry all of those books into the store for me.

So… we are still on track to open the doors on Friday.



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Then Again, Maybe Not

I got to work early and climbed the ladder of success – right into the back door of the store. I’m not doing it tomorrow. After lunch our “volunteers” took the lock from the front door to a locksmith and had it rekeyed so we can use it to get in.

We waited all morning for the hammering to begin but the back of the building remained silent. Finally, we got a call back from the guy building the deck.

His crew can’t come until Monday.

It will take 3 to 5 days to complete and we can’t get our permits or final inspections until it’s all complete, so I don’t think we will be able to open on Friday either. Maybe on Saturday… or Monday… or sometime in July.

But at least tomorrow I don’t have to climb the ladder.


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The Count Down Begins!

Today, several volunteers also known as “husbands” ripped out our back deck. It’s going to be replaced by a new deck with a wheelchair ramp and this pile of lumber is what’s been holding us up from being open. There’s only so much we can do with the inside of a 104 year old building, but we can certainly revise this addition to the building. The deck was built securely and it took a lot of muscle power for our volunteers to get the deck down. It also took a full size truck (not mine, thankfully) to pull the supports and bottom braces down.

I used a ladder to climb down to get out of the building and tomorrow, I have to get in the building before the construction crew shows up to start building the new deck or else I might not get in! So back up the ladder I will go in the morning. It will take 3 to 5 days to get the deck finished.

My first book order will show up on Wednesday.

I get to practice and train on the POS system on Thursday.

And… (insert drumroll here)… we are planning to open the doors and have our first sales on Friday March 26, 2010! We are planning to have the grand opening in April.

I forgot to take pictures of the store without the deck but I will try to remember and post them tomorrow!


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Back of the Store

November 2009


You can see part of the debris on the ground from the workmen who had to put all of the floor joists back in under the building. What a mess that was. They took out all of the ductwork so we didn’t have any heat for a week and it even snowed while we were in there having the alarm installed. The alarm guys had to keep opening the back door to check the alarms. We were all freezing!


We ripped out the back deck. Okay, Randy, Tim, and Jim volunteered and they ripped it down with the assistance of Randy’s truck. The crew was supposed to start building the new deck on the 18th but they can’t show up until the 22nd. (sigh) this is the last major obstacle that we know of to open the store.

3/23/10 – The crew is putting together the frame of the deck. This is the view out the back door at lunch time.

This is what the ramp looked like at the end of the day.

3/26/10 Can you believe they got this truck:

Down this driveway?

I know it’s a little damp, but can we please get the welder out and fabricate some handrails? Please? That and fix that lip on the parking pad. It’s a bit high. Then I can get the building inspector out and open the doors for business!

I didn’t do it.

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