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Decorating Divas of Barnhills.

The decorating divas of Barnhills have been at it again.  We have moved almost EVERYTHING in the store.  Come see what we have done because it may not stay that way for long.  We are after all The Decorating Divas of Barnhills.


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Then Again, Maybe Not

I got to work early and climbed the ladder of success – right into the back door of the store. I’m not doing it tomorrow. After lunch our “volunteers” took the lock from the front door to a locksmith and had it rekeyed so we can use it to get in.

We waited all morning for the hammering to begin but the back of the building remained silent. Finally, we got a call back from the guy building the deck.

His crew can’t come until Monday.

It will take 3 to 5 days to complete and we can’t get our permits or final inspections until it’s all complete, so I don’t think we will be able to open on Friday either. Maybe on Saturday… or Monday… or sometime in July.

But at least tomorrow I don’t have to climb the ladder.


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Front of the Store

November 2009


The windows have a frosted sheet covering them and we had paper over the open windows and door so people couldn’t see inside until we were ready. This is a sneak peak through the front door.


Our awning was installed! And it’s beautiful! It says “Barnhill’s on the front and it has the website on the end. We started peeling off that film and we had to scrape it off with razorblades and then clean the glass so people could walk by and see inside.


After we got the windows all clean, then we put decals on the front windows. Each window has it’s own decal. They say: Books, Wine, Art, Gifts. We also posted an article about us that was in the paper. It’s taped to the glass on the front door so people will know who we are and what to expect.

You can see Ginnie Conaway’s beautiful mural through the windows.

The whiteboard sign in the window says “Opening soon! Watch our progress! Barnhill’s Books, Wine, Art, Gifts.”

I wanted to write “Come watch as we change!”

But Thais wouldn’t let me.

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