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Decorating Divas of Barnhills.

The decorating divas of Barnhills have been at it again.  We have moved almost EVERYTHING in the store.  Come see what we have done because it may not stay that way for long.  We are after all The Decorating Divas of Barnhills.


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The Stacks

November 2009

The Stacks is the room where we have a variety of gift items, the checkout stand, the independent publisher books, the art work, etc. It’s the center of the building and one big long room.

The room on the right is the stacks section behind the bestsellers room. The room to the left is the wine room.

This is the part of the room between the Childrens room and the kitchen.

This is standing at the back door under the skylight looking through the stacks and out the front door.

The center of The Stacks where the checkout stand will eventually go. That’s what the blue lines are for.
The part of the stacks between the Childrens area and the  Kitchen. This is behind the checkout stand.
And this is in front of the checkout stand. That’s one of the big bookcases lying on the floor waiting to be stood up.

We stood the bookcase up and put it against the wall and another book case took it’s place. The far walls are a navy pegboard.
This is standing behind the magnificent checkout stand. To the right, you can glance through and see the Bestsellers room.
This is the view looking at the front of the checkout counter. Bill built it for us and the top of the cabinet matches the old floors and the sides match the new bookcases. I think it’s beautiful even though it’s covered in a bunch of stuff! There are 3 big book cases in here and at least half a dozen smaller ones lined up and waiting to be put in place.
The bookcases are in place and I have my first books on the shelves already thanks to Second Wind Publishing.
The dark box on the left is a jewelry armoire to show Xelene jewelry, sold exclusively through Barnhill’s.

This is the other side of the stacks room. The far wall shows tote bags and wine totes hand made by Boutique Suzette.



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