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New Shipment of Wines from Raffaldini and Divine Llama!!!! :)

We just received a shipment of wines from Raffaldini Vineyards. We now have in stock the following: Pinot Grigio, Vermintino, Sangiovese Riserva, Muntepulciano, La Dolce Vita, Frizdante, Bella Misto, Miscela de Vigna. Come and get ’em!

We also restocked on Divine Llama. We now have Cabernet Franc, In a Heartbeat and the Chardonnay back in stock.

Of course we have a great selection from all our other vineyards as well! Salute!


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Bookclub, Winery and an Author!!!!!

13 4-7 Native Vines Winery
14 11-2 Krista Peele
18 6:30 The Less Desirables Remote
26 Jan Wine/Food Pairing Mixer
New Vineyard in NOW!
Brandon Hills Vineyards
We are carrying Raptor Red (10 % of all sales go to these beautiful Hawks)
Amaretto Amore (Ohh-Laa-Laa!)
Brandon Berry Blush (beautiful)
And Viognier (YUMMM!)
This thrilling murder mystery begins with a dizzying, out-of-control skid down a mountain in an RV and ends as the intriguing threads of the plot come together in harried struggle for life in the dead of night 1500 miles from where the first murder occurred. Norm Brown joins the ranks of suspense masters in this riveting thrill ride.
Mindful Eating Book Club
This is a place for a vigorous discussion about books at the intersection of nutrition, human behavior, culture and other issues that affect our eating
Discussion will be facilitated by: Debra Benfield, M.Ed., R.D., LDN, Nutrition Therapist
Second Thursday of each Month 5:30-7:00 p.m. (Jan 12th)
Contact:  Debra Benfield336.773.1443 ordebra@bimnutrition.com
Native Vines will be pouring their wines on
Jan 13th 4-7
Author Krista Peele
Jan 14th 11-2
Rox, a scrappy fourteen-year-old, is just trying to survive. Living in an orphanage full of ‘gifted’ students isn’t easy. But when strange things begin to happen around Yangsly Academy, surviving becomes an even bigger challenge.
Artist Ginnie Conaway
Pet portraits began my artistic journey over 30 years ago and I still enjoy capturing memories for clients.
Flowers are a never ending source of inspiration.
I love bold colors and shapes, both in my gardens and in my paintings.
Remote For Your Listening Pleasure
There at it again and this time there here!
Come check out the live pod cast of characters known as The Less Desirables!
And if you can’t make it down check them out at…
http://onlyatbarnhills.com/sitebuilder/images/9780895873873-255x185.jpgIn 1902, Allen published As a Man Thinketh, universally acknowledged as a classic book on self-examination. It captures the essence of Allen’s philosophy. Through his eloquent and succinct prose, Allen conveys his thesis that it is up to the individual to form his own character and create his own happiness.
In 1985, 15-year-old Bowman Gray IV lost his father to a heart attack. Later that same year, his mother gave him two gifts – a copy of As a Man Thinketh and a 35-millimeter camera. At the time, he did not fully appreciate how important these two gifts would eventually become to him.
In this gift edition, he couples his own color photographs with Allen’s timeless advice to produce an inspirational book that will stay with readers for years to come.

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New Arrival: Brandon Hills Vineyard

In keeping with my New Year Resolution – we have a new vineyard at Barnhills.  We now carry 5 wines from Brandon Hills Vineyard.

Barbera:        Fruity with hints of smoke and vanilla, this Northern Italian red wine is low in tannin and slightly higher in acid. Pairs well with grilled or smoked meats and tomato based sauces.

Raptor Red:  Our premier red wine blend, 46% Cabernet Sauvignon, 43% Merlot and the remaining made up from Cab Franc, Petit Verdot and Viognier. One dollar of every sale of this wine will benefit Carolina Raptor Center.

Viognier:  (VEE-ohn-YAY) This French Rhone Varietal is characterized by its floral aroma and peachy flavors with a hint of apricot. Our wine has fruity flavors throughout the palette

Amaretto Amore and Brandon Berry Black.

Come check out these wonderful wines!   Enjoy!

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New Year’s Resolutions

Are you going to make a New Year’s Resolution this year?  I usually don’t (because I can never keep them), but this year I am going to make 2.

The first one is personal in that I am going to try to be more healthy (active) this year.  Not necessarily to lose weight, but to be more healthy.  That means exercising a little more (alright then – start exercising) and try eating a little less at each meal and making better decisions about what to eat.

The second one is for the business.  I am going to try to post at least 2 blogs a week about all the interesting, new & exciting things that are happening at Barnhills.  I will talk about upcoming events, new book or art arrivals or just whatever comes to mind.  Please bear with me – because writing is not my forte, but I will do my best.

Hope that you have a wonderful, healthy and prosperous new year.


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New Arrival at Barnhill’s: Over Her Dead Body by Karen Vaughn

 Over Her Dead Body Author: Karen Vaughan Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Just how far would you go to keep your man? To what lengths would an over the hill, used up pushing forty year old due to keep her hot 84 year old husband of more than 20 years? After all he is rich, gives her all the perks she wants and for that she keeps him relatively happy if you know what I mean. So, why would she be jealous of an octogenarian old woman who is friends with her husband? Ethel Peterson had an untimely death. Well, not really she had some help. Someone came into her apartment and beat her over the head with a bat. From the prologue of the story we learn that someone was paid one million dollars to rid the world of this lovely lady. But, just who and why remains to be seen. From the talented author of Dead On Arrival where our main character Laura comes home and finds a dead coworker in her living room comes another hilarious murder filled with twists, mayhem, wild and zany characters and two building supers that play sleuth to help solve the case. Once again author Karen Vaughan delivers a first rate mystery. Ethel is gone but her family does not seem to care. Or do they? Coming to see her affects and check out what needs to be done, her niece Adrianna shows no emotion and just wants to be done with anything related to poor Ethel. Laura is more than upset at this girls unacceptable behavior and can’t imagine why she treated the incident and Ethel like yesterday’s trash. But, there is much more as we meet Sanford Brown who has a special interest in this case and who adored Ethel. Well, wife Leena who is tons years his junior, does not like and did not like the relationship and who will do anything to keep her rich sugar daddy. But, would she commit murder? Just as Laura and her live in boyfriend Gerry begin cleaning out apartments, dealing with Ethel’s death several incidents happen letting the reader know that someone is not happy that she is snooping around and someone just might get hurt. Her car is vandalized, her boyfriend is injured and someone on the phone verbally threatens her but she thinks she knows who that might be. Added to that to make matters even worse her ex-husband is hired by the owners of the restaurant where she works as the cook. Dealing with that and much more Laura surely needs more than just a hug from Gerry and support from her friends and family. So, what will happen when wife Leena learns that Sandy is about to try and cut her loose? What will be the killer’s next move? Things get complicated as Gerry is injured, Laurie’s car is vandalized, Sandy is shot and one loony tune wife is on the run or just out there causing more havoc than she is worth. Let’s not forget sister Jackie who has issues with Leena of her own. Added to that Jackie and her father are definitely two of a kind and have a borderline personality that tips in the wrong direction when crossed. Did Leena pay someone with her father’s money to off poor Ethel? Just how far would this lunatic go before more bodies are found? If Laura did not have enough trouble she relates to the reader how her ex-husband is having trouble with his parents and his new boyfriend who is pressuring him to make a permanent commitment. Sandy relates how Leena followed him to the Senior Center and demanded his drop poor Ethel? Poor Detective Gibbons never knew what hit him when Laura came to live in his town and poor Gerry is getting fed up with her playing amateur detective. Poor Laura can’t seem to win and she is getting it from all sides. Added to that a star witness is murdered, the sister needs protection, security has to be beefed up at Sandy’s and Laura now needs a police escort. What will happen next? When will the nightmare be over and will they ever be able to prove who killed Ethel and why? Then Laura and Jackie are kidnapped and taken to stand trial. Wait until you find out who the judge is. Threatening to shoot jurors, kill Laura and Jackie will anyone find them before it’s too late? With an ending that will keep you guessing, laughing and definitely in suspense author Karen Vaughn once again delivers a wild and zany mystery with characters that are so unique and different you hope they come back for more. Will poor Laura ever go home and not find herself smack dab in the middle of a murder? Will they remain where they are or will they decide to move? Will Gerry and Laura ever tie the knot? What happens to Leena will endear you not only to the police department but to Sandy, Laura, Jackie and of course Gerry in more ways than one. What happens when a woman decides no one is going to take her man? What really happened to Ethel and how many people were involved in her murder? That is something I promised Gerry, Laura and Office Gibbons I would never divulge. After all: They still have to bring the culprit to trial. What is next for Laura and Gerry? Let’s hope author Karen Vaughan has more mysteries, plots, murders and excitement in store for our two favorite supers, amateur sleuth and of course readers. What happens at the end to prove that Adrianna might not be so cold and that she just might have loved her aunt? Find out for yourself when you read this great book.

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Wine Tasting Class at Barnhills

More Info Justin Sizemore, a local vineyard manager-vinter-wine expert will lead a series of Wine Tasting Classes beginning on Wed Oct 5th and will be held each Wine Wednesday in October.
Oct 5th – Wine Tasting 101 – getting to know the basics
Oct 12th – White Wine tasting
Oct 19th – Red Wine Tasting
Oct 26th- Rose Wine Tasting
Each class will include a Barnhill’s glass, tasting of at least 4 different wines and a full glass of your favorite. Each class will last about 1 ½ hours and will cover a wide range of topics related to wine, including food pairing options and Q&A session. All purchases will be 10% off for class participants on class days.
Class size is limited – preregistration is suggested.
$25.00 per class

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This week at Barnhills

Whew what a weekend.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who suffered during the violent storms this past weekend.

We had a great week at Barnhills until the storms hit.  On Friday, Westbend Vineyards was here offering FREE tastings of their Riesling, Carolina Blush and Chambourin.  They also brought a fabulous white wine cake (made with Riesling).  They left the recipe for the white wine cake and a delicious sounding red wine cake also!  On Saturday, Anna Jean Mayhew, author of The Dry Grass of August, was here reading from and signing copies of her book.  A very intense look into family dynamics during the racially turbulent 50’s.    On Sunday, local cookbook author, Elizabeth Wiegand was here with her latest book, The New Blue Ridge cookbook.  It is full of wonderful recipes and interesting tidbits of the western part of NC.  Elizabeth brought for sampling her goat cheese/artichoke heart dip and an Apple Spice Cake – both were DIVINE!!!!

This coming week, local author Maggie Bishop will be here on Saturday reading from and signing copies of her books, including Perfect for Framing the second in her Appalachian Adventure/Mystery Series.

We will be closed on Easter Sunday.

Don’t forget we have a HUGE selection of autographed books available.  Hope to see you at Barnhills soon!

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