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New Shipment of Wines from Raffaldini and Divine Llama!!!! :)

We just received a shipment of wines from Raffaldini Vineyards. We now have in stock the following: Pinot Grigio, Vermintino, Sangiovese Riserva, Muntepulciano, La Dolce Vita, Frizdante, Bella Misto, Miscela de Vigna. Come and get ’em!

We also restocked on Divine Llama. We now have Cabernet Franc, In a Heartbeat and the Chardonnay back in stock.

Of course we have a great selection from all our other vineyards as well! Salute!


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Bookclub, Winery and an Author!!!!!

13 4-7 Native Vines Winery
14 11-2 Krista Peele
18 6:30 The Less Desirables Remote
26 Jan Wine/Food Pairing Mixer
New Vineyard in NOW!
Brandon Hills Vineyards
We are carrying Raptor Red (10 % of all sales go to these beautiful Hawks)
Amaretto Amore (Ohh-Laa-Laa!)
Brandon Berry Blush (beautiful)
And Viognier (YUMMM!)
This thrilling murder mystery begins with a dizzying, out-of-control skid down a mountain in an RV and ends as the intriguing threads of the plot come together in harried struggle for life in the dead of night 1500 miles from where the first murder occurred. Norm Brown joins the ranks of suspense masters in this riveting thrill ride.
Mindful Eating Book Club
This is a place for a vigorous discussion about books at the intersection of nutrition, human behavior, culture and other issues that affect our eating
Discussion will be facilitated by: Debra Benfield, M.Ed., R.D., LDN, Nutrition Therapist
Second Thursday of each Month 5:30-7:00 p.m. (Jan 12th)
Contact:  Debra Benfield336.773.1443 ordebra@bimnutrition.com
Native Vines will be pouring their wines on
Jan 13th 4-7
Author Krista Peele
Jan 14th 11-2
Rox, a scrappy fourteen-year-old, is just trying to survive. Living in an orphanage full of ‘gifted’ students isn’t easy. But when strange things begin to happen around Yangsly Academy, surviving becomes an even bigger challenge.
Artist Ginnie Conaway
Pet portraits began my artistic journey over 30 years ago and I still enjoy capturing memories for clients.
Flowers are a never ending source of inspiration.
I love bold colors and shapes, both in my gardens and in my paintings.
Remote For Your Listening Pleasure
There at it again and this time there here!
Come check out the live pod cast of characters known as The Less Desirables!
And if you can’t make it down check them out at…
http://onlyatbarnhills.com/sitebuilder/images/9780895873873-255x185.jpgIn 1902, Allen published As a Man Thinketh, universally acknowledged as a classic book on self-examination. It captures the essence of Allen’s philosophy. Through his eloquent and succinct prose, Allen conveys his thesis that it is up to the individual to form his own character and create his own happiness.
In 1985, 15-year-old Bowman Gray IV lost his father to a heart attack. Later that same year, his mother gave him two gifts – a copy of As a Man Thinketh and a 35-millimeter camera. At the time, he did not fully appreciate how important these two gifts would eventually become to him.
In this gift edition, he couples his own color photographs with Allen’s timeless advice to produce an inspirational book that will stay with readers for years to come.

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This week at Barnhills

Whew!  Last week was busssy!  Terri Kirby Erickson was here on Thursday reading from her latest book, In the Palms of Angels – thank you Terri!  On Friday, children’s author, Laura Alston was here for storytime.  On Saturday, atty/writer Sean Keefer was here reading from and signing copies of his book, The Trust.  And on sunday, local author, Carolyn Peterson was here reading from and signing copies of her book, Fishing for Memories – a touching story about Alzheimer’s.

This  week we will be almost as busy!  On Friday, Iron Gate Winery will be here offering FREE tastings of their unique wines.

On Saturday, local children’s author Ross Mihalko will be here reading from and signing copies of his book, The Caterpillar’s Wings, at 11am.

Then starting at 2pm, author Jo Maeder will be reading from and signing copies of her book, When I Married My Mother – a touching tribute to her mother.  This books was featured on the AOL homepage for  Mother’s Day.

Then on Sunday we have a bookclub meeting here.  FYI, we also have room for bookclubs – just call us and reserve your time. 

Please check out our website at www.onlyatbarnhills.com for a complete listing of events.  Have you hugged your favorite book lately????  🙂

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What a week I’ve had!!!

Ever had one of those weeks?  Well I had one last week.  On Friday, I accidently (does anyone ever do it on purpose?) downloaded a Trojan virus that KILLED my computer.  I was scheduled to have my 1st weekend off in months & look what I did!  Well, thanks to the computer guru down the street, I was able to get back up and running by late Friday evening – however none of my printers worked and I had my POS system just barely working.

Well, Stacy my ever present helper and in store miracle worker was able to get everything running smoothly again on Saturday.  The weather however sucked big time and no one wanted to be out in the weather so unfortunatley it didn’t make that much difference.

This morning I came in re-install my regular QB accounting system and after 2 verrrry lonnnng calls to Tech Support – who didn’t have anyone who could speak Enlgish with an accent I could understand – I was able to get it working again.  (I really don’t like that new tv show Outsourced – it hits to close to home!). 

Anyways on to the good news.  Our 1st Anniversary Celebration is officially underway!!!!!  Yeah – we made it a whole year.  Thanks to you our wonderful customers!!!!!  Please stop by and sale hello.  We are giving away @ 16 tastings for 2 to several vineyards, Dash tickets, a week at Creative Palooza Childcare, free fudge samples and a GiftWithPurchase for every sale!!!!!  AND when the vineyards are in the store, we will be offering 10% off their wines while they are here.  So we have the anniversary and you get the gifts – what could be better?????????

See ya soon!!!!


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This week at Barnhills – We will be VERY busy!!!!!

Last week was fabulous.  On Friday night, the band, Shadowfax Sound, was here &  they were awesome as usual (they will be back in March and April if you missed them).  Rich Krawiec and friends were reading from their book, The Sound of Poets Cooking (which btw is now available at Barnhills).

This week is going to be unbelievably busy also.  On Wednesday, national best selling author and NPR personality, Lisa Napoli will be here reading from, discussing and autographing copies of her book, Radio Shangri-La

Also on Wednesday, Stony Knoll Vineyards will be offering FREE tastings of their fabulous wines. 

On Friday, local poet, Richard Picciuto will be here reading from and autographing his books, Riches and Moonlit Weeds.


Also on Friday, Misty Creek Vineyard will be offering FREE tastings of their awesome wines.

On Saturday, local author, E.B. (Gene) Alston will be reading from and signing copies of his many books, including the popular Hammer Spade detective series.  Currently there are 8 books in this series with another due out any day.

On Sunday, local author, Heather St.Aubin-Stout will be here reading from her inspirational book, Not My Mother’s Journey about her battle with breast cancer.

As you can we see, we will be VERY BUSY this week, so you need to come check us out!  Don’t forget that we have FREE wine tastings daily (even if no vineyard is here)!!!

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New Arrival: Locklear Winery

Barnhills now carries the unique wines of Locklear Winery out of Maxton, NC.

We have the following wines:

Peach, Strawberry, Carlos-sweet, Noble-sweet, and Holiday Spice. All are open, chilled, and ready for you to taste.

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This Week at Barnhills

Okay guys, we had a lot going on last week and no people.  Where have you gone???  We had a book club meet here on Tuesday, we had a 2-day drawing class on Tuesday and Wednesday, an author(Steve Lindahl) on Friday and a new winery, Banner Elk, on Saturday – but VERY few people.

 This week will be almost as busy.  On Saturday, local author, Karen Fritz, will be here reading from and signing copies of her book Blind Vision.

Then on Saturday, local author, Anne Barnhill ( no relation), will be here reading from and signing copies of her books At Home in the Land of Oz and What You Long For.

And as always, we have FREE WINE Tastings everyday.  So come see us soon!!

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